The Experts Weigh in on Thromboprophylaxis

  • PE is the most common preventable cause of hospital death
  • Appropriate use of prophylaxis for VTE in patients at risk is the number 1 strategy to improve patient safety in hospitals
  • Appropriate use of thromboprophylaxis should reduce adverse patient outcomes and decrease overall costs

Most VTE/DVT cases are not detected

VTE is often undetected until too late (all pts)

20% with Symptoms

80% without Symptoms

Diagnosis of VTE

VTE is often undetected until too late (all pts)

At least 70% of fatal PE detected postmortem was neither suspected nor diagnosed1,2

At autopsy, 63% of DVT cases were clinically undiagnosed2

1. Stein and Henry. Chest. 1995;108:978-981.
2. Sandler and Martin. J R Soc Med. 1989;82:203-205.

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